6 Things To Consider. Creating Your 2017 Marketing Plan

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy From Scratch

We work on marketing jobs in publishing across all sectors and related industries. While it is easy to dismiss the concept of the ‘omni-channel’ as just another one of those, all too frequent, marketing buzzwords, in reality it represents an important shift in thinking in terms of how consumers choose to engage with brands and how firms need to adapt their value proposition, and their strategy, to the multitude of paths the buyer can take to reach you.

Marketing strategy is, for some people, the really boring stuff – lots of time consuming analysis and forecasting that is probably not even worth it. Unfortunately, as time-consuming as it might be, I’d say that it’s a very important area to have covered.

In shaping a search strategy, it is vital that the agency understand the context of how search is expected to contribute to your overall business objectives, and how it will support, and be supported by, other marketing activity as part of a wider multichannel strategy.

From Unica (now known as IBM Omni-channel Marketing) in 1992 to the newest players like HubSpot, WhatsNexx, and Loopfuse, the marketing automation software market is more vast and comprehensive than ever, and the average monthly cost of using them has also dropped as well.

In the same study, budget constrains ranked as the most common obstacle for adopting MA software, which is somewhat surprising given that this technology has great potential to save companies money by allowing fewer individuals to create and run detailed marketing campaigns across numerous customer segments.

Gregg is the author of the Small Business Marketing Basics” and Small Business Marketing Revolution” and architect of custom small business marketing systems that leverage today’s technology with local marketing and social media to help small business owners make more money fast.

Whatever the motivation – ditch avoidance or top performance – many marketers are realizing they need to warm up to marketing analytics, but Demand Metric research shows there are still about 15 percent of marketing organizations that have no process at all.

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